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Parchem is the Leading Supplier of D-Panthenol!

May 10, 2013

by Jessica Howard

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D-Panthenol [CAS #: 81-13-0], also known as Dexpanthenol, is a cosmetic ingredient that is used in personal care products such as skin creams and moisturizers.  Dexpanthenol is the alcohol analog to pantothenic acid, which is commonly known as Vitamin B5.  The chemical Panthenol has two enantiomers, D-panthenol and L-panthenol.  The D-panthenol structure is biologically active, which is why it is used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations.

Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals is the premier supplier of D-panthenol and other cosmetic ingredients to the pharmaceutical and personal care markets.  D-panthenol is used in topical creams and pharmaceutical formulations for skin and hair treatments.  It is also used in certain nutritional supplements and dietary products. 

Along with D-panthenol, Parchem offers a variety of other cosmetic ingredients that are used in the personal care industry. Parchem is a leading supplier of excipients, emulsifiers, surfactants, and emollients that are commonly used in the preparation of high-quality moisturizers, lotions, and cleaning products.  Parchem also supplies a wide range of natural butters and botanical extracts used in topical formulations. 

Please contact Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals for a quick quote on D-panthenol or any of your cosmetic raw material needs.

Click here for a quick quote on D-Panthenol!

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