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Parchem: Leading Supplier of Fatty Alcohols

Feb 04, 2013

by Jessica Howard

Parchem – fine and specialty chemicals is the premier supplier of fatty alcohols such as behenyl alcohol.  Behenyl alcohol [CAS 661-19-8], also known as docosanol, is a fully saturated fatty alcohol with a 22-carbon chain that ends with a hydroxyl group.  This long carbon chain makes behenyl alcohol highly useful as an emollient and emulsifier in a variety of cosmetics such as lotions, makeup, and skin/hair-care products. Behenyl alcohol is commonly added to a number of personal care products during formulation to modify the consistency and achieve the desired texture. 

Chemically, a fatty alcohol is comprised of two sections: a hydrophilic portion (which favors water) and a lipophilic portion (which favors oil).  The combination of these two properties in a single molecule allows behenyl alcohol to act as a mixing agent for oil-based and water-based chemicals.  This functionality makes behenyl alcohol useful in personal care products because it allows for a wide range of textures and consistencies to be achieved.

Parchem – fine and specialty chemicals supplies a wide range of emollients and emulsifiers that are extremely useful when mixing oil and water-based chemicals.  Parchem is a leading supplier of saturated fatty alcohols such as lauryl alcohol (C12), myristyl alcohol (C14), cetyl alcohol (C16), stearyl alcohol (C18), arachidyl alcohol (C20), and behenyl alcohol (C22).  All of these fatty alcohols possess slightly different properties and can deliver different benefits when they are used as emulsifiers in oil/water formulations. 

Parchem – fine and specialty chemicals has been an industry leader in the personal care, pharmaceutical, nutrition, and specialty chemicals markets for over 20 years.  Parchem’s commitment to customer satisfaction is embodied by our multiple certifications of quality and memberships with leading chemical industry associations. Parchem is the premier supplier of fatty alcohols and emulsifiers to the personal care and cosmetics industry.

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