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Parchem Highlights Pterostilbene

Oct 18, 2017

by William Bedrin

It is nearly impossible to walk through a grocery store or watch your favorite television program without seeing an advertisement for the “hottest” health supplement on the market. According to a recent CRN consumer survey, 71% of American adults take health supplements1. This influx of health supplements makes competition fierce in the industry. When your competitor is on the verge of making their next big break through, you need the peace of mind that your chemical supplier will get you your raw materials quickly and accurately; all while following government regulations to make sure your products stay consumer safe. Parchem – fine and specialty chemicals will provide you the chemicals you need, when you need them. We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified and a member of the NACD, American Coatings Association, SOCMA, and DCAT. All of which allow us to ensure you will receive the same high quality service and chemicals each and every time. Parchem is proud to shed awareness on Pterostilbene, a very promising chemical in the dietary supplement market. 

Pterostilbene is a stilbenoid, which is a plant-like compound that acts as a phytoalexin (a substance produced in plants known for its health benefits). Pterostilbene is closely related to Resveratrol, an older and more known chemical, and is steadily producing results surpassing Reversatrol. Pterostilbene is mostly known for its high anti-oxidant content, which has positive results on cognition, heart health, and longevity. It is currently being produced primarily in capsule form as dietary supplements, and is marketed to improve the health aspects listed earlier. Pterostilbene is also being used in cancer research. Results are showing Pterostilbene inhibiting cancer cell growth and preventing blood vessel development leading to tumors. Pterostilbene is a non-hazardous solid, which makes storing, handling, and shipping easy. You need every advantage you can get to stand out in this booming industry. Choose Parchem for all your chemical needs, and let us make humanity healthier together.

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