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Parchem Features Glycerin!

Mar 24, 2020

by Jessica Howard

When providing specialty chemicals for manufacturing and distribution, Parchem delivers on its promise of performance, commitment, and passion. Our team have an extensive catalog of multi-use specialty chemicals including glycerin, an essential sweetener, solvent, and chemical intermediate in many common industrial and household products. Glycerin has a multitude of applications in many industries, including foodcosmeticspharmaceuticals, and personal care.

Glycerin [ CAS 56-81-5 ], also known as 1,2,3-Propanetriol or glycerol, is an organic, vegetable-derived mixture of sugar and alcohol. This substance is a nontoxic, sweet-tasting, viscous liquid that is miscible in water. It functions as a thickening
agent, emulsifierhumectantsweetening agent, plasticizer, and preservative. Glycerin is a fully renewable, non-GMO resource.

Parchem’s team of specialty chemicals sourcing experts are ready to provide glycerin in bulk for secure, global shipment, in strict accordance with up-to-date federal and international regulatory agency standards.

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