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Make Parchem your source for ethylene glycol!

Mar 02, 2018

by Jessica Howard

Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals is a premier bulk supplier of ethylene glycol [CAS 107-21-1], an organic chemical perhaps most famous as the main active ingredient in antifreeze and coolants for heating and air conditioning. Ethylene Glycol is essential to many industrial processes, as an additive in oil drilling and gas production, as well as the polyester fiber and resin manufacturing.

Also known as monoethylene glycol and glycol alcohol, this substance is soluble in water and most organic solvents. Interesting fact: ethylene glycol is clear and colorless; the bright green (or pink or blue) color associated with antifreeze and coolants are added to identify various ethylene glycol-based products. Ethylene glycol functions as a crosslinker, friction reducer, and gelling agent among other uses. It is practically imperative to production of many energy- and cost-efficient, recyclable products.

If you are in need of ethylene glycol or its derivatives, including Ethylene Glycol 2-Ethylhexyl Ether, Ethylene glycol acetate and many more, look no further than Parchem. We are an ISO:9001 certified organization attesting to the highest quality management practices in the specialty chemicals industry. Our expert team of technical specialists, logistics, compliance and customer service professionals will chart a safe, time efficient, and cost-effective route from manufacturer to delivery at the port or warehouse of your choice.

Your company can count on Parchem to be your source for ethylene glycol. Click here for a fast and easy quote! 

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