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Establish your company as a lucrative link within the proven Parchem supply chain today through our Supplier Registration process below.

Become an approved Parchem supplier by completing our Supplier Registration form.

This form provides your company the opportunity to gain exposure on your product offerings, value added services, and long-standing chemical expertise through building a profitable partnership with the most proactive, consistent and knowledgeable chemical supplier in the industry.

Approved Parchem suppliers cover a very extensive array of industries and classifications including: personal care, cosmetics, nutrition, coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers, pharmaceuticals, research and development chemistries, performance materials, military standard, industrial, institutional, textiles, pretreatments, plastics, rubbers, green chemicals, sustainable chemicals, non-GMO, agriculture, organic, kosher, flavor, fragrance, oil, gas, food, beverage, specialty chemicals and more! If your company is a fit, register today.

Upon submission, your information will be reviewed by our Business Development team for approval of entry into our system.

Additional benefits you should expect to obtain by completing our Supplier Registration form include:

• Collaborative Expertise in Global Markets
• Proven Product Growth
• Innovative Sales and Marketing Strategy
• Regulatory and Compliance
• Values of Integrity
• Custodial Supply Chain

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Our Strategic Expertise in the Global Markets Drives Product Growth

Expertise in Global Markets

We specialize in marketing products from Europe, Asia, North America & South America

Proven Product Growth

Delivering results to drive profits

Innovative Sales & Marketing Strategy

Customized solutions to maximize product uptake

Regulatory & Compliance

Our core competency which ensures safety of the highest standards

Values of Integrity

We are environmentally responsible and transparent

Custodial Supply Chain

Our industry experts become part of your team

Become a Parchem Supplier

Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals is a leading global supplier of chemical intermediates and specialty raw materials. Parchem's strategic alliance provides a vital link in the custodial supply chain to drive profits for suppliers and manufacturers in Europe, Asia, North America & South America. The supplier portal covers upward of fourteen industries such as personal care & cosmetics, nutrition, coatings, pharmaceuticals, performance and specialty chemicals. Parchem prides itself on innovative business technologies that ensure efficiency and expert strategic solutions that result in sustainability.