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Parchem offers the ever-useful Certified Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

February 14,2018

Our name may be Parchem - fine and specialty chemicals, but that doesn’t mean we do not offer other high-quality materials such as juices, extracts, concentrates and vinegars. We believe in providing a comprehensive service, so the next time you order your hazardous niche specialty chemicals, why not get some shockingly useful certified organic apple cider vinegar.

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Parchem has Nitrosylsulfuric Acid!

January 25,2018

Finding niche products has always been a hassle. You must spend valuable time searching for a provider, and then you need to make sure the provider is reputable. Naturally, finding a reputable, reliable, and responsible distributor of nitrosylsulfuric acid must be a headache. Rejoice, because those days are over! By coming to the Parchem - fine and specialty chemicals website, you have come one step closer to obtaining your hassle free nitrosylsulfuric acid.

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Parchem is thrilled to be offering Dimeryl Diisocyanate!

January 18,2018

Whether you work in a call center or you are outside laying brick, you need your equipment to work and last. It can be as simple as using a reliable foam insulation to keep your office warm. To be able to provide those quality products, manufacturers need a quality polyurethane. In turn that would require a quality diisocyanate. That is why Parchem - fine and specialty chemicals has no reservations about highlighting dimeryl diisocyanate.

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Parchem – your source for p-toluenesulfonic acid!

January 12,2018

Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals is the premier specialty chemical supplier of the American Northeast for wide-use specialty chemicals like p-toluenesulfonic acid [ PTSA ], which has applications in the plastics and coatings, industrial, pharmaceutical, textiles and dyes, and food packaging industries, among others.

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Parchem will be closing due to inclement weather conditions.

January 03,2018

Parchem will be closing January 4, 2018, due to inclement weather conditions in the New York Metro area. For urgent inquiries please email you sales/customer service representative or contact

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