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Nonylphenol Ethoxylates are Available at Parchem!

November 04,2016

Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals is a premier global distributor of quality chemicals. We are dedicated to exceptional customer service at every step of the distribution process, but it doesn’t stop there. Parchem will go above and beyond to ensure your continued satisfaction with our products and service throughout your own production process.

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Parchem Celebrates Halloween and Offers Carnauba Wax!

October 28,2016

Exciting times are ahead as Parchem gears up for Halloween weekend and our annual, company potluck lunch on Monday! As candy is sure to be a common theme in all celebrations this weekend, we thought it would be a great time to take a closer look at Carnauba Wax!

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Lithium Carbonate is In Stock at Parchem!

October 21,2016

At Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals, we understand the importance of a successful supply chain coupled with impeccable customer service. Delivering orders accurately, on time, and on budget is always at the top of our priority list, which is why we are an ISO 9001 certified company. We provide our customers across the globe access to a broad range of quality specialty chemicals, including Lithium Carbonate.

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Parchem Offers Apricot Extract

September 27,2016

We source the highest quality products from reliable suppliers across the globe. Our scope reaches all industries from cosmetic and household to industrial and institutional. Parchem is pleased to offer Apricot Extract to the chemicals market place! Apricot Extract [CAS# 68650-44-2] is procured from the kernels of Apricot fruits or prunus armeniaca. It can be extracted using a solvent or through a cold pressed method. Apricot kernels can be classified as either bitter or sweet kernels. Tough their sugar and oil content differ, levels of protein content, oleic, and linoleic acids present no significant differences between the two.

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Parchem is a Supplier of N-Octyl Magnesium Chloride

September 22,2016

Delivering the products you need accurately, on time, and on budget is where Parchem shines as a premier distributor of raw materials and specialty chemicals. We are proud to provide a broad range of chemical products to our business partners worldwide, including N-Octyl Magnesium Chloride. N-Octyl Magnesium Chloride [CAS# 38841-98-4] is a Grignard reagent that is primarily used to add octyl groups to compounds that contain carbonyl groups, but can also be used as a strong base in deprotonation reactions.

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Contact Parchem for Grapeseed Oil Now!

September 19,2016

Parchem’s chemical catalogue includes a broad range of products to fit your every need, including Grapeseed Oil! Extracted from grape seeds which for a long time have been a purposeless byproduct of winemaking, Grapeseed Oil [CAS# 8024-22-4] exhibits applications across several industries. Grapeseed Oil contains a considerable percentage of linoleic acid – a polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid – which is an essential fatty acid, making it an oil of choice for cooking. Due to its composition of Vitamin E, Grapeseed Oil also has applications in hair and skin care products.

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Find Dihydroxyacetone at Parchem!

September 15,2016

At Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals, we are committed to superior customer service, premier products, and continual improvement. We distribute products to chemical industries across the globe. From household uses to industrial applications, we supply specialty chemicals to a broad range of industries. We strive to help up and coming industries by supplying hard to find chemicals while offering traditional use chemicals to well established industries.

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Lanolin Alcohol is Available at Parchem!

September 09,2016

Parchem is a leading specialty chemical supplier working to deliver the highest quality products to our customers. We know the value of efficiency and accountability at every step of the distribution process, which is why we work tirelessly to ensure that our products are delivered on time and as requested. Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals offers a broad range of chemical products, including Lanolin Alcohol!

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Parchem Now Offers Red Yeast Rice!

September 07,2016

Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals supplies chemical products for a wide range of applications. We provide premier customer service and ensure that the products you purchase arrive accurately, on time, and on budget. Consistent with covering products in all specialty chemical industries, Parchem is pleased to offer Red Yeast Rice.

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Parchem Closed for Labor Day

September 02,2016

Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals will be closed for the Labor Day holiday starting on Friday, September 2nd at 1:00 pm. We will reopen for business on Tuesday, September 6th at 8:30am.

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Parchem Supplies Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil!

August 31,2016

Consistent with being your premier bulk chemical supplier of a wide range of products, Parchem is happy to offer Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil! More commonly known as Argan Oil, it originates in Morocco from the argan tree whose seeds contain the oil. It is composed abundantly of unsaturated fatty acids and contains sterols, vitamin E, and squalene. The oil from the seeds can be cold pressed or extracted from lightly roasted kernels and used in cosmetics and cooking respectively.

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Find Pelargonic Acid at Parchem!

August 26,2016

We bear products across the chemical market spectrum, benefitting customers in a broad range of industries. Parchem is pleased to offer Pelargonic Acid! Pelargonic acid [ CAS# 112-05-0 ], commonly known as nonanoic acid, is an organic compound and a fatty acid occurring naturally as esters in pelargonium oil. While it is insoluble in water, it is miscible in chloroform, ether, and hexane.

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Contact Parchem for Farnesol today!

August 23,2016

Parchem strives to provide products that serve various industries across the globe in addition to delivering all of our products accurately, on time, and on budget. Consistent with our mission to serve key industrial and consumer marketplaces, we offer products that have applications as general or specific as you may need.

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Parchem offers Lemon Juice!

August 19,2016

We distribute chemicals for applications in industrial scale down to the chemicals found in products we use every day in our own homes. We recognize the importance of supplying chemicals that benefit up and coming industries as well as offering more widely used chemicals for more established industries. Parchem offers a wide variety of lemon juice products to fit your every need.

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Parchem Supplies Lignin and Lignosulfonates!

August 11,2016

We are excited to offer Lignin in various configurations, as it has environmentally friendly applications along with being a renewable resource! Lignin [ CAS# 9005-53-2 ] is an organic substance – an amorphous polymer – found in the structural components of tissues in plants and algae as well as in cell walls in wood and bark.

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Parchem offers Hydrogen Bromide

August 08,2016

As a global leader in specialty chemicals distribution, we recognize the importance of being able to supply superior products to a range of industries. Hydrogen Bromide is among the vast array of premium chemicals that we offer. Hydrogen Bromide [ CAS# 10035-10-6 ] is a colorless compound that is very soluble in water and is an important reagent in the production of both organic and inorganic bromine compounds.

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Parchem Is Now Showcasing Hemp Flower

July 28,2016

Committed to continual improvement and maintaining focus on current trends within the chemicals marketplace, Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals partners with companies from around the world to bring new and innovative materials to all of our customers. We offer materials that are useful in a plethora of applications ranging from household to industrial uses. Consistent with popular chemicals that can be used in various functions, Hemp Flower is a versatile product that we are excited to offer!

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Parchem Closed for July 4th Holiday

July 01,2016

Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals will be closed for the Independence Day holiday starting on Friday, July 1st at 2:00 pm; we will reopen for business on Tuesday, July 5th at 8:30 am.

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Parchem Showcases Oxalic Acid

June 23,2016

As an ISO 9001 certified company, Parchem is committed to customer satisfaction, continual improvement, and providing high-quality products to our partners across a plethora of industries. We offer an extensive list of products across a range of industries such as metallurgy, industrial manufacturing, laboratory synthesis, performance chemistry, and much more. A popular compound that is commonly found within many of these industries is Oxalic Acid.

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Parchem supplies Benzoic Acid!

June 01,2016

Leading chemical suppliers from around the world all work towards advancing the chemical industry, and Parchem is no exception. We at Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals strive to use technological innovation and a dynamic, global supply chain network to meet and exceed the expectations of all of our business partners. Parchem is proud to offer a large catalog of products with applications every major chemical industry, including widely-used and highly-versatile products, such as Benzoic Acid.

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Parchem Showcases C20 Alcohol

May 16,2016

C20 Alcohol [ CAS# 629-96-9 ], also known as Arachidyl Alcohol, Eicosanol, and 1-Icosanol, is a naturally-occurring fatty alcohol that is utilized in a variety of cosmetic and personal care applications, as well as in the manufacture of important fatty acids.

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Parchem supplies Salicylic Acid to the global chemicals marketplace

April 12,2016

At Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals, we pride ourselves on our commitment to remaining a global leader in the every major chemical industry and sourcing specialty products for our customers around the world. We are equipped to provide high-demand products such as Salicylic Acid through our global supply chain network.

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Parchem Exhibits at American Coatings Show 2016

April 04,2016

Parchem is excited to once again be exhibiting at this year’s American Coatings Show in Indianapolis, IN.

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Contact Parchem Today for Calcium Carbonate

March 22,2016

Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals offers Calcium Carbonate [ CAS No. 471-34-1 ] for your raw material needs. Calcium carbonate is a white powder with molecular formula CaCO3. Parchem’s catalog featuring our different grades of calcium carbonate can be viewed here.

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Parchem will be attending the AFPM 2016 International Petrochemical Conference!

March 15,2016

Petrochemicals are used to produce products that affect our day-to-day lives including plastics, cosmetics, electrical appliances, and pharmaceuticals. Petrochemicals are also essential compounds for the fuels used to power many methods of transportation. Being a global distributor of chemical raw materials, including petrochemicals, Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals dedicates a great amount of effort to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and advancements occurring within the petrochemicals industry. Parchem is excited to collaborate with innovative companies worldwide and will be attending the AFPM 2016 International Petrochemical Conference! The International Petrochemical Conference will be held from Sunday, March 20th to Tuesday, March 22nd at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel.

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