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What! Parchem - Fine and specialty chemicals offers Clover Honey.

Apr 06, 2018

by William Bedrin

Like many, you may think that all honey is the same. Well, like many, you would be mistaken. There are many varieties of honey, all differing in taste, color, and health properties. I mean it all comes from honey bees, so how can it be different? It is actually quite simple. The honey is made from the pollen the bees ingest. Different pollen will make different honeys.

So why is clover honey the most commonly found honey? It all has to do with when flowers begin to bloom. One of the earliest blooming trees is the almond tree, found predominantly in California. Come February when the bees begin stirring from a long winter, most bee keepers head to those almond trees. Why isn’t there more almond honey then? Well, the bees are coming out of their calorie deprived slumber and have to help the queen repopulate the hive. The vast majority of the pollen they are gathering is being used for this purpose. The clover flower, on the other hand, blooms later in the season, when the bees have had time to repopulate and have eaten well for several months. Most of this pollen gathered is being made into honey.

Clover honey is a mild, light-colored honey. It is most commonly used as a natural sweetener for foods and beverages. Clover honey contains various antioxidants which gives it properties that help reduce the risk of heart disease and treat minor wounds and burns. Clover honey is also recognized as a safer sugar alternative for diabetics. Surprisingly, it has also been found to regulate bloodpressure and act as a natural cough suppressant.

Why is one of the leading specialty chemical distributors offering clover honey? We at Parchem pride ourselves on supplying a wide variety of quality food chemicals. Our certified organic and kosher facilities allow us to give our customers the piece of mind that all their organic and kosher orders are keeping their status. Do you need USP, NF, or FCC grade material? Tell our knowledgeable technical team and they will gladly find it from one of our trusted and verified manufacturers.

Let Parchem sweeten up your day with some delicious clover honey.

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