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Triton X-100(TM) Now Available from Parchem

Jun 09, 2014

Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals believes in being an integral part of our partners supply chain. For years our hallmark of excellence as a leading global supplier of chemical intermediates and specialty chemicals has been paramount. Our expertise allows us to offer a wide range of chemical intermediates and industrial compounds such as Triton X-100(TM) (CAS# 9002-93-1).

Triton(TM) X-100, also known as TX-100, is supplied by Parchem as a transparent, viscous liquid that has a clear or slightly yellow color.  Triton(TM) X-100 is a commonly used nonionic surfactant with a number of industrial, commercial, and specialized applications.  The high-mass polymer (polyoxyethylene) is used as a catalyst and chemical intermediate in a number of organic synthesis reactions. Apart from laboratory use, Triton(TM) X-100 can be found in several types of cleaning compounds, ranging from heavy-duty industrial products to mild household detergents.  It is also used to manufacture various products like textiles and commercially distributed agrochemicals.

In laboratory applications, Triton(TM) X-100 is an important component of protein analysis and extraction processes.  It is used as a component in the decellularization of animal-derived tissues in procedures that are designed to extract or solubilize proteins.  Because of its surfactant properties, Triton(TM) X-100 is able to separate certain types of proteins for chemical extraction in order to remove them from a chemical system. 

At Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals, our history of excellence, value and highest ethical standards is our major point of differentiation. We are committed to being the optimal global supplier of chemical intermediates and industrial compounds.  Given our extensive global supply network is supported by an international logistics team, we have mastered delivering our partners’ products accurately, timely and on budget consistently. We understand our business partners’ demands and strive to anticipate, meet and exceed their expectations.

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