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Parchem supplies Isopropyl Alcohol!

Mar 23, 2020

by Jessica Howard

At Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals, our team is dedicated to sourcing high quality bulk supply of raw materials in an ever-changing global supply chain. We have the technology and global expertise to work through the challenges presented by the current coronavirus pandemic. Our chemicals sourcing experts fully equipped to provide essential products like isopropyl alcohol to industries who need them the most.

Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) [ CAS 67-63-0 ] also known as isopropanyl and 2-propanol, is commonly referred to as rubbing alcohol. This compound is highly effective as a surface disinfectant and as an antiseptic. When used at concentrations of 60-90% as recommended by the CDC, isopropyl alcohol can kill fungus, viruses, and bacteria on skin. Smelling rubbing alcohol can also help quickly reduce postoperative nausea.

Parchem is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization that is trusted globally. We are always ready to serve the healthcare, personal care and many more industries, with isopropyl alcohol and other indispensable chemicals. We deliver the highest quality specialty chemicals accurately, on time, and on budget. Isopropyl alcohol is also available in Kosher grade.

Make us your primary supplier for all your urgent chemical requests today! Contact Parchem for a quote on isopropyl alcohol!

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