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Parchem supplies 2-tert-BUTYL-p-CRESOL!

Jun 20, 2017

by Jessica Howard

At Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals, we work tirelessly alongside the world’s most innovative manufacturers to source new and often difficult-to-find products. Our customers have come to rely on Parchem’s ability to provide reliable service and quality materials, to ensure an efficient process and competitive product, across a wide spectrum of industries. On that note, we are excited to highlight 2-tert-Butyl-p-Cresol.

2-tert-Butyl-p-Cresol [CAS 2409-55-4], also commonly known as 2-tert-butyl-4-methylphenol, is a corrosive substance that comes most often in the form of white to tan crystals, and has a distinct, medicinal to leathery smell. It is soluble in alcohol and other oxygenated solvents, is hygroscopic, and stable under normal conditions.

2-tert-Butyl-p-Cresol is used in the plastics, coatings, rubber industries, as an agent in the preparation of antioxidants and UV stabilizers. It is specifically a UV absorber, helping to protect products from weathering due to damaging ultraviolet light rays.

As a verified NACD Responsible Distributor and ISO:9001 certified organization, we at Parchem demonstrate a high level of care in the distribution of our vast catalog of raw materials—accurately, on time, and on budget—by way of our knowledgeable sales specialists, thorough customer service and compliance departments, and cost-effective logistics management.

Entrust Parchem as your fine and specialty chemicals provider and contact us today!

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