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Parchem offers the ever-useful Certified Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Feb 14, 2018

by William Bedrin

Our name may be Parchem - fine and specialty chemicals, but that doesn’t mean we do not offer other high-quality materials such as juices, extracts, concentrates and vinegars. We believe in providing a comprehensive service, so the next time you order your hazardous niche specialty chemicals, why not get some shockingly useful certified organic apple cider vinegar.

Chances are you have at some point heard someone’s mother saying, “just use apple cider vinegar” as the solution to some problem. Apple cider vinegar has so many uses (and a long shelf life) that it is useful for any home, office, warehouse, or manufacturing plant. Popular uses include weight loss booster, stomach soother, all-purpose cleaner, facial toner, hair conditioner/detangler, odor eliminator, fly trap, bad breath killer, teeth whitener, food additive, and even a miracle cure for the bane of all existence, the hiccups. If you are going to put anything into your body, why not make sure it is a pure as possible and have it be certified organic?

Every organic order is handled by our knowledgeable staff and sourced only from certified organic suppliers. To ensure integrity, the products are then stored in certified organic warehouses. So, order today and update your emergency kits with the liquid gold that is apple cider vinegar.

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