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Parchem offers Behenic acid

Feb 28, 2019

by James Oliverio

Behenic acid (CAS 112-85-6), also known as Docosanoic acid, is a saturated fatty acid plant extract that is taken from the seeds of the Pentaclethra macroloba tree found in the Amazon. Its appearance consists of white to cream colored crystals or powder with a melting point of 80°C and a boiling point of 360°C. Behenic acid has lubricant, emollient, and soothing properties, which restores the skins natural oils and helps improve skin hydration.

Behenic acid is commonly used in skin care products like moisturizers, providing soothing relief for dry and sensitive skin. Some other known uses include in hair conditioners giving them their smoothing properties. In a less capacity it is also used in lubricating oils, and as a solvent evaporation retarder in paint removers.

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