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Parchem offers Aluminum Hydroxide!

Aug 29, 2019

by James Oliverio

Aluminum Hydroxide (CAS 21645-51-2) is a chemical found naturally as a mineral called gibbsite. It can be found in as a gel or a powder and has the chemical formula of Al(OH)3. Recently precipitated Aluminum hydroxide forms gels, which are used in water purification. The gel crystallizes with time and can be dehydrated to form a powder which is readily soluble in acids

One of Aluminum hydroxide’s main uses is as a raw material of other aluminum compounds including aluminium sulfate and polyaluminium chloride. Another main use is in the pharmaceutical industry as an antacid for humans and animals. It is more favorable than alternatives like sodium bicarbonate due to its insolubility. Being insoluble does not increase the pH of the stomach above 7, which does not trigger the feeling of additional acid in your stomach. Other pharmaceutical uses include in vaccines. Vaccines that include Aluminum hydroxide stimulate the immune system by inducing the release of uric acid as aimmunological warning signal.

Let our expert team of technical specialists, logistics, compliance and customer service professionals will chart a safe, time efficient, and cost-effective route from our certified producers. Parchem has both an ISO 9001 certification and a NACD certification, we are equipped to handle all your Aluminum hydroxide needs.

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