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Parchem is the premier supplier of Ethyl Acrylate

May 22, 2013

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Ethyl Acrylate [CAS: 140-88-5] is a clear, colorless liquid with a foul odor that is soluble with most organic solvents and is the ethyl ester of Acrylic acid. Ethyl Acrylate is also a Michael acceptor and known as a good dienophile. A Michael acceptor is when there is an addition of an enolate of an aldehyde or ketone to an unsaturated carbonyl compound. While a Dienophile is a Diels-Alder chemical reaction where an organic compound containing to conjugated double bonds adds to another containing an ethylene bond, forming a product with a ring.

Ethyl Acrylate is also referred to as Acrylic acid ethyl ester or by its IUPAC name: Ethyl propenoate.  Ethyl Acrylate is produced via the acid-catalyzed esterification of a common acrylate precursor: acrylic acid. Acrylic acid is produced by the oxidation of propylene. Ethyl Acrylate can also be prepared via a Reppe reaction which involves acetylene, carbon monoxide, and ethanol. Ethyl Acrylate has a tendency to polymerize, so inhibitors such as hydroquinone are typically added to stabilize the material.

Ethyl Acrylate is primarily used in the production of homopolymers and co-polymers known as acrylics and polyacrylates. Ethyl acrylate is also used in the production of resins, plastics, rubber, dentures, and various general coating applications.

Parchem can offer Ethyl Acrylate with a wide range of inhibitor levels.  We also offer custom blends and solutions to meet your company’s needs.  As a supplier of acrylate monomers, esters, derivatives and intermediates, Parchem takes pride in offering a diverse catalog of quality chemicals to ensure the success of our global coverage. As an ISO 9001:2001 certified company, Parchem is committed to offering the highest quality products and services.

Please click here for a quote on Ethyl Acrylate today!


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