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Parchem is the premier supplier of Ammonium Nitrate and other industrial inorganic chemicals

Jul 17, 2013

Ammonium Nitrate [CAS: 6484-52-2] is an odorless, inorganic salt with a wide range of applications. It is a strong oxidizing agent that is used in a number of chemical reactions and intermediate production steps. Parchem supplies Ammonium Nitrate as a white crystalline solid and in solutions for use in the agricultural, industrial, and consumer goods production industries.  

Ammonium Nitrate can be found as a natural mineral and is referred to as Ammonium Niter, which is the ammonium version of saltpeter. However, nearly all of the Ammonium Nitrate that is used in industrial applications is manufactured synthetically.  An acid-base reaction between anhydrous ammonia gas and concentrated nitric acid is used to produce Ammonium Nitrate.  Ammonium Nitrate produced this way can be highly refined to meet several specifications of purity.

Ammonium Nitrate is commonly used in agricultural applications such as fertilizer.  It is preferred for fertilizer production in the agricultural industry over other products such as urea for its stability. Ammonium Nitrate can also be found in many household instant cold-packs. When it is combined with water, it produces a highly endothermic (i.e. heat-absorbing) reaction causing the package to immediately get extremely cold to the touch. 

The Ammonium Nitrate that is provided by Parchem is available in variety of pack sizes and grades. Contact Parchem-fine & specialty chemicals today for a quote on Ammonium Nitrate or click here for a quick quote!

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