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Parchem is the Premier Supplier of Succinic Acid

May 17, 2013

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Succinic acid [CAS: 110-15-6] is a white odorless dicarboxylic acid that is diprotic. A diprotic acid is an acid with two hydrogen atoms per molecule that are able to ionize in water. Succinic acid is also referred to as ethane-1,2-dicarboxylic acid, spirit of amber, or by its IUPAC name Butanedioic acid. Succinic acid is derived from the Latin word succinum, which means amber where the acid was originally derived from. Succinic acid can be produced a few different ways. Commercial production methods include the carbonylation of Ethylene Glycol, oxidation of 1,4-Butanediol, and the hydrogenation of maleic acid. Succinic acid can also be produced as a byproduct during the fermentation of sugar. Because of this, succinic acid is used in beverages such as beer and wine to improve the overall taste. Succinic acid salts such as Sodium Succinate are referred to as Succinates.

Moreover, succinic acid has a wide range of uses, one of  which is in the food and beverage industry to regulate acidity.  Other common usage for Succinic acid includes uses as a food additive, in dietary supplements, and in nutritional formulations.  Additionally, succinic acid  can be utilized in general coating applications, flavor & fragrance applications, textiles including dyes & pigments, and is used to make downstream chemical derivatives.

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