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Parchem is excited to be an ATF licensed supplier of explosives!

May 09, 2019

by James Oliverio

We are pleased to announce that Parchem is licensed by the ATF as a supplier of explosive chemical products. As a Federal Explosives Licensed (FEL) importer and distributor, Parchem is positioned to be your most reliable source for the explosives, propellants, and blasting agents needed to fuel your operations.  

Parchem prioritizes supply chain security when handling and sourcing explosive raw materials. Each FEL manufacturer, importer, distributor, and user undergoes a thorough evaluation with the ATF to understand the full scope of federal regulations applicable to explosives in commerce. Parchem exclusively partners with other FEL businesses to maintain the highest levels of quality, consistency, and security for explosive raw materials. 

Parchem is the premier supplier of primary, secondary, and tertiary explosive raw materials for use in manufacturing detonators, blasting agents, compound explosives, and more. Our partners in the industrial mining sector rely on Parchem to provide high quality TNT, ANFO, and PETN for their operations. Parchem also works closely with all branches the U.S. military to supply MIL-Spec RDX, HMX, and numerous other explosive raw materials. 

Parchem is proud to supply our FEL commercial manufacturing partners for applications ranging from commercial fireworks and pyrotechnics to ammunition, detonators, blasting agents, and propellants for large ordnance. 

For over 20 years Parchem has been the premier supplier of fine and specialty chemical raw materials.  Our history of expertise in federal compliance, supply chain security, and product quality have positioned us as a leading supplier of all hazardous raw materials in the global marketplace. 

Please click here to explore our extensive product catalog of ATF regulated explosive raw materials. For quotes and more information on how to partner with Parchem, please contact us directly at 914-654-6800 or 

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