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Parchem is a proud supplier of Isopars!

Nov 16, 2018

by Jessica Howard

Premier full-service chemical provider, Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals meets the needs of its customers globally, at all levels of the supply chain.  We are proud to offer Isopars, a proprietary line of petrochemicals used in a wide range of consumer and commercial products.

Isopars are a brand of synthetic isoparaffinic solvents, meticulously manufactured, tested and monitored by—and a trademark of—ExxonMobil. Notable among these are Isopar L, Isopar E, and Isopar M.

Isopar E [ CAS 64741-66-8 ] is used in coatingsacrylics, and plastics for a wide range of products from automotive to food packaging.

Isopar L [ CAS 64742-48-9 ] is optimal for metalworking and finishing, paints, coatings and inks, and agricultural chemicals among other uses. It is non-dangerous, with a high flash point.

Isopar M [ CAS 64742-47-8 ] is known as a distillate. This substance has consumer and commercial applications in coatings, cleaning agents, and as functional fluids in other consumer products.

These chemicals, along with Isopar C, G and H, are colorless, odorless fluids, and may also be applied in personal care products as viscosity-reducing agents. They may be used in place of other isoalkanes for lower cost.

Our technical specialists are available to answer any questions you may have about Isopars and their availability for purchase. Contact Parchem today for comprehensive specialty chemical supply!

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