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Parchem is a proud corporate sponsor of the Chemical Education Foundation

Jun 29, 2012

Parchem-fine & specialty chemicals is a proud corporate sponsor of the Chemical Education Foundation (CEF) “You Be the Chemist” flagship program. The Chemical Educational Foundation® (CEF) is a nationally recognized, award winning non-profit organization committed to enhancing science education among every generation, beginning with our youth. By emphasizing the central role of chemistry in all the sciences and in our everyday lives, CEF strives to inspire our future leaders in pursuing science-related careers and to improve the overall understanding of, participation in, and appreciation of chemistry and chemicals.

The Foundation's flagship You Be The Chemist® programs focus on grade K-8 and are designed to:

  • Inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, and industry leaders

  • Enhance science education through innovative techniques, such as hands-on activities and chemistry competitions, and

  • Effect positive long-term change in the general public's understanding of, participation in, and appreciation towards chemistry, chemicals, and the chemical industry.

Randi Norfleet, Director of Strategy at Parchem-fine & specialty chemicals was the company’s representative, who attended the program and was most impressed by the passion of the students, teachers, parents and corporate sponsors. The program’s impact was most evident by the number of participants from school districts nationwide, but equally impressive was the united front of the chemical industry corporate leaders- DOW, ICL, Brenntag North America, Inc., Shell Chemical, just to name a few.

Parchem-fine & specialty chemicals “is proud to be a partner alongside some of the largest chemical corporations who are driving this very important initiative for the chemical industry. More importantly, to be part of the Chemical Education Foundation (CEF) future of science pioneers, specifically in chemistry, is a proud and defining moment that will ensure the sustainability of science within the US”. stated, Ephraim Rabin, CEO, Parchem fine & specialty chemicals.

2012 Chemical Educational Foundation
Bottom Right: Randi Norfleet, Director of Strategy, Parchem - fine & specialty chemicals

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