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Parchem is a premier acetyl acetone supplier!

Jan 16, 2020

by Jessica Howard

Everyone knows acetyl acetone is one of those raw materials that is essential in almost innumerable industries, with an incredible range of applications. What we at Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals have, as a major specialty chemicals distributor based in the US, are longstanding partnerships with major acetyl acetone manufacturers worldwide. This gives us the ability to ship quickly and efficiently anywhere in the world.

Acetylacetone [ CAS 123-54-6 ], also known as ACAC, pentadione or pentanedione, is a colorless to yellowish, transparent liquid with a pleasant odor, and fairly soluble in water. Acetyl acetone has numerous industrial applications, as a solvent and is an additive in paints, gasoline and lubricants. It is used in metals and petroleum processes, as an intermediate in pharmaceutical and organic products, and more!

Acetyl acetone is stable under recommended storage conditions; however, it is flammable and therefore hazardous. Proper storage and transport are of upmost importance. Thankfully, Parchem is a member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors, or NACD, an international organization that promotes responsible distribution and demand excellence in every phase of chemical storage, handling, transportation, and disposal. We stay up to date on all regulatory legislation, through updates, materials and trainings, as well as performing annual audits of our facilities, ensuring your raw materials are in the best care possible until they are on your truck or in your hands. 

Parchem has acetylacetone in stock and ready to ship. Parchem’s specialty chemicals sourcing experts can secure acetyl acetone in the grade and pack size of your preference, and will ensure its safe route down the supply chain accurately, on time and on budget. Contact Parchem today for a quote!

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