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Parchem is a Supplier of Triclosan

May 23, 2017

by Anna Corrigan

As an industry leader in chemical sourcing, Parchem has
strong relationships with vendors, suppliers, and customers worldwide that
allow us to access hard to find chemicals at competitive prices. Our warehouses
are equipped to handle kosher, organic, hazardous, and non-hazardous materials.
We have established partnerships with import and export providers making
seamless international shipping possible. Consistent with being a multi-industry
chemical provider, Parchem is excited to highlight Triclosan.

Triclosan [CAS# 3380-34-5] is a white to off-white
crystalline powder soluble in organic solvents. It is a common additive in the
cosmetic and personal care industries as well as in the agriculture industry. In
toothpaste, detergents, shampoos, cleaning supplies, and soaps, Triclosan
functions as an antibacterial agent and a fungicide. Triclosan is an additive
in several products we see every day including kitchen utensils and bedding. It
is also incorporated into industrial equipment such as ice-making equipment,
conveyor belts, and surgical units to prevent microbial growth.

At Parchem, we are proud to supply a wide range of chemicals
for use across industries. With our established network of chemical experts and
specialists around the globe, Parchem is in a unique position to provide high
quality chemicals and speed to market that cannot be beat. To experience a
smooth and reliable chemical sourcing experience, contact Parchem today!

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