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Parchem is a Premier Supplier of Sodium Hypochlorite

Jan 04, 2017

by Anna Corrigan

At Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals, every decision we make is driven by our core values of performance, commitment, and passion. Our global reach coupled with our experience in sourcing specialty chemicals makes us a choice chemical distributor for companies across the globe. Parchem has a history of dependable customer service and quality products, including Sodium Hypchlorite.

Sodium Hypochlorite [CAS# 7681-52-9] is a broad use chemical identified as the sodium salt of hypochlorous acid. It finds use in both household and industrial applications. Sodium Hypochlorite is a main ingredient found in laundry bleach, though it has threatening consequences when used improperly. On an industrial scale it is used as a bleaching agent in the textile and paper industries. Sodium Hypochlorite solutions have been applied to treat waste water for cyanide, and have been used in other industrial applications to control bacteria formation in systems at power plants.

From exhibiting proven adaptability to the changing chemical market to providing order tracking at every step of the distribution process, Parchem is the partner you want in your supply chain. If you are looking to switch distributors, or are just entering the specialty chemicals market, working with Parchem will add endless value to your business. 

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