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Parchem is a Premier Supplier of Pyridine!

Mar 30, 2020

by Jessica Howard

Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals is a leading New York State-based, global provider of multi-use, specialty chemicals including pyridine. Pyridine [ CAS 110-86-1 ] is also known as azabenzene. This chemical is derived from a mixture of acetaldehyde, ammonia and formaldehyde. Notorious for its fishy smell, this substance is in-fact a wide-use chemical with applications in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals and food, flavor/fragrance, to the manufacture of household and industrial products, as an intermediate, solvent, and much more.  

Pyridine is a popular solvent in the manufacture of resins, a catalyst in paint production, and a reagent in dyes. This substance is a denaturant in antifreeze. It is also an inhibitor and has applications in oil and gas drilling. This versatile chemical is used in flavors including seafood, smoke flavor, and chocolate.

Particularly important during today’s times is a surge in demand for medicines. Pyridine is an essential part of the production of vitamins and drugs such as antihistamines, and medicines used in the treatment of allergies and heartburn. It is notably used in the synthesis of quinolines and antimalarials.

Packaging and transport of pyridine requires strict adherence to hazardous material safety standards. At Parchem, our knowledgeable team of chemical industry experts are well qualified to source and deliver pyridine to industries with an increase in production demands. We provide fast and secure, global shipment, in accordance with federal and international regulatory agency standards.

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