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Parchem highlights Salicylic Acid!

Jun 19, 2013

by Jessica Howard

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Salicylic acid [CAS: 69-72-7] is an organic white crystalline solid that is slightly soluble in water. Salicylic acid is a monohydroxybenzoic acid, a type of beta hydroxyl acid and a type of phenolic acid. Esters and salts of Salicylic acid are known as Salicylates, many of which are commonly found in personal care products.  Salicylic acid is also known by its IUPAC name 2-Hydroxybenzoic acid and as ortho-hydroxybenzoic acid.  Natural Salicylic acid is derived from the metabolism of Salicin, which is an anti-inflammatory agent produced from willow bark. 

Salicylic acid is produced naturally by plants, but it is also manufactured synthetically for commercial use.  Salicylic acid can be naturally produced via the biosynthesis of phenylalanine, an amino acid found in certain plants. Commercially, Salicylic acid is produced by reacting sodium phenolate with carbon dioxide at high pressures to yield sodium salicylate.  Using sulfuric acid, acidification of the resultant sodium salicylate yields the final product salicylic acid. 

One of the most common uses of Salicylic acid is in personal care and skin care applications.  In certain pharmaceutical acne-treatment medications, salicylic acid has been used as the active ingredient.  Salicylic acid is also used for organic synthesis processes and in plant growth and development applications. Downstream chemical derivatives of Salicylic acid have a variety of uses as chemical intermediates. For example, Acetylsalicylic acid is an important active metabolite of aspirin. Other uses of Salicylic acid include the manufacturing of personal care products, pharmaceuticals, dyes, perfumes, food preservatives, and anti-bacterial/anti-fungal products.

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