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Parchem has Sebacic Acid available!

Mar 23, 2020

by Jessica Howard

Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals works alongside the most innovative manufacturers to respond to the demands for essential and highly sought-after products. Parchem’s knowledgeable team of specialty chemicals experts are available to supply high-purity raw materials in bulk to pharmaceutical, healthcare and industrial organizations. We are happy to count sebacic acid among our available materials.

Sebacic acid is identified by CAS number 111-20-6, and is also known as decanedioic acid. This naturally occurring acid is commercially derived from castor oil. Sebacic acid is used as an intermediate in the synthesis of antiseptics. Biomedical applications include would dressings and drug delivery devices, among others. It also has many additional, essential industrial uses, e.g., as a lubricant and plasticizer.

As a verified NACD Responsible Distributor and ISO:9001 certified organization, Parchem demonstrates a high level of care in the distribution of our extensive list of raw materials—accurately, on time, and on budget. We remain at your service as your trusted fine and specialty chemicals supplier.

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