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Parchem has Nitrosylsulfuric Acid!

Jan 25, 2018

by William Bedrin

Finding niche products has always been a hassle. You must spend valuable time searching for a provider, and then you need to make sure the provider is reputable. Naturally, finding a reputable, reliable, and responsible distributor of nitrosylsulfuric acid must be a headache. Rejoice, because those days are over! By coming to the Parchem - fine and specialty chemicals website, you have come one step closer to obtaining your hassle free nitrosylsulfuric acid.

Nitrosylsulfuric acid is most commonly used industrially in the manufacturing of caprolactam. Caprolactam is typically used to make nylon 6 filament, fibers, and plastics. Nitrosylsulfuric acid is a colorless solid with a chemical formula of HO3SONO. It is classified as DOT hazardous, and is oxidizing and toxic. Nitrosylsulfuric acid has a CAS number of 7782-78-7. Typical synthesis involves dissolving sodium nitrite in concentrated sulfuric acid in an ice bath.

It is always difficult dealing with hazardous chemicals, especially when they are a strong oxidizer. A wide array of chemicals cannot be stored with strong oxidizers, so it is important to have dedicated storage space. Parchem prides itself on utilizing warehouses who share our vision for safety and quality. We seek out fellow NACD certified entities, thus ensuring every order placed is stored and transported correctly.

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