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Parchem happily offers Zinc Sulfide 65M

Jun 20, 2018

by William Bedrin

From glow sticks to cathode ray tubes, luminescence has always been fascinating. Whether being used for recreation or diagnostic purposes, luminescent materials are becoming more and more common. We at Parchem - Fine and specialty chemicals are thrilled to be offering Zinc Sulfide (65M), one of the leading luminescent chemicals.

Zinc Sulfide is an inorganic compound with a CAS number of 1314-98-3, and a chemical formula of ZnS. This is the main form of zinc found in nature, and it mainly occurs as the sphalerite. In its purest form, it can be found as a white powder and is most commonly used as a pigment or in coatings. Zinc sulfide can be used as a detector of alpha-rays, which render it luminescent. It is also used in infrared optics and is a phosphor in numerous applications, including x-ray screens and cathode ray tubes.

Our ISO and NACD certifications enable us to give you the peace of mind that your order will handled by qualified personnel and will always follow all current industry regulations. Make Parchem your first choice for all your chemical needs.

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