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Parchem - fine & specialty chemicals is the Exclusive Distributor of Gilugel

Aug 03, 2012

Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals is the exclusive US sales agent for BK Giluini’s Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic division.  Parchem supplies and distributes BK Giulini’s line of specialty rheological additives, which are sold under the trade name Gilugel®.  Gilugel® is a lipogel, which lends both stability and viscosity to cosmetic emulsions.  Gilugel® is composed of 20% Aluminum-Magnesium-Hydroxide-Stearate as the active material, which is based on the inorganic pharmaceutical active Hydrotalcite.  The remaining 80% consists of specific oils or esters in which the active material is gelled.  Gilugel® takes on the color and odor of the oil or ester used for gelling. 

Gilugel® is free from preservatives, stabilizers, and components of animal origin. 

The applications and benefits of these products are as follows:

Skin Care: Stability, excellent skin feel, and increased water content in W/O emulsions.
Sun Care: Thermostability, increased SPF, water resistance.
Decorative Cosmetics & Liquid Make-up:  Homogenous pigment distribution.
Barrier Creams: Protective film formation, resistant to aqueous and oily media.
Antiperspirants: Lends consistency to sticks and creams.

We have received excellent feedback on the efficacy of the Gilugel® line during our many years of supplying these products to the US market.  Please contact us at Parchem—fine & specialty chemicals to discuss your Gilugel® requirements.

See below for links to our extensive line of gilugel products:

Gilugel CAO - Castor Oil
Gilugel DCC - Dicaprylyl Carbonate
Gilugel EHS - Octyl Salicylate
Gilugel EUG - Octyldodecanol
Gilugel HPB - Hydrogenated Polyisobutene
Gilugel JOB - Jojoba Oil
Gilugel MIG - Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
Gilugel MIN - Mineral Oil
Gilugel OIN - Octyl Isononanoate
Gilugel OMC - Octyl Methoxycinnamate
Gilugel OS - Octyl Stearate
Gilugel PIB - Polyisobutene
Gilugel SAF - Coenzyme A
Gilugel SIL5 - Cyclomethicone

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