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Parchem - fine & specialty chemicals is a Leading Supplier of Enzymes such as Beta Cyclodextrin

Feb 27, 2013

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Beta-CyclodextrinParchem – fine & specialty chemicals has been a leading supplier of Beta-cyclodextrin and other cyclic oligosaccharides for the food and pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years.

Cyclodextrins in general are cyclic oligomers of Glucose, a common sugar with several downstream derivatives. Alpha-, Beta-, and Gamma-cyclodextrins are simply the 6-, 7-, and 8-membered rings (respectively) of the glucose monomer.  Parchem supplies various forms of Beta-cyclodextrin [CAS: 7585-39-9 – Base, CAS: 68168-23-0 – Hydrate, CAS: 85490-99-9 – Undecahydrate], the 7-membered ring that is produced by enzymatic conversion of starch.  Beta-cyclodextrin is also referred to as B-Cyclodextrin, betadex, cycloheptapentylose, and cyclomaltoheptaose.

Beta-cyclodextrin has applications in several industries. Beta-cyclodextrin has been used in pharmaceuticals and in environmental clean-up applications as a trapping agent for specific toxins.  Due to its cylindrical ring structure, Beta-cyclodextrin is used to ensnare and contain certain materials at a molecular level so that they can be targeted for removal through other processes.   Uses for Beta-cyclodextrin include food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and other various general chemical applications.

Downstream derivatives of Beta-cyclodextrin have also been used in chemical engineering processes. In certain pharmaceutical applications, Beta-cyclodextrin has been used to increase the stability of a compound by encapsulating it within the ring structure. Beta-cyclodextrin has also been used to mask unpleasant or foul odors by trapping the molecules responsible within its structure.  These processes are highly specialized and require specific targeting methods to be effective.

Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that has been a leading supplier of enzymatic & starch based compounds for over 20 years.  At Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals, we pride ourselves on our ability to supply high quality chemicals and raw materials to our customers in the pharmaceutical, personal care, nutritional, and specialty chemical markets.

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