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Parchem - fine & specialty chemicals is a Leading Supplier of Dibasic Esters

Mar 25, 2013

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Dibasic Esters Molecular StructureParchem – fine & specialty chemicals is the premier supplier of dibasic esters (DBE), a solvent used in the manufacture of paints, coatings, and adhesives. “Dibasic esters” is a general term that describes a mixed blend of refined dimethyl adipate, glutarate, and succinate.  The standard DBE blend is supplied as approximately 60% dimethyl glutarate and 20% dimethyl adipate and dimethyl succinate.  However, some applications require different concentrations of these three dimethyl esters which can be provided upon request as specialized dibasic ester blends.

Parchem is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company with a proven reputation for excellence built upon our commitment to customer service and continual improvement.  We supply high quality solvents and blends such as dibasic esters to manufacturers and end users all over the world.  Dibasic esters from Parchem are primarily used in the manufacture of various coatings and adhesives, but DBE are also used in making certain paint strippers, resins, plastics, and oilfield drilling fluids. 

Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals has been supplying high quality solvents such as dibasic esters to the industrial coatings and adhesives market for over 20 years.  We also supply a variety of glycols and alcohols such as high purity isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and glycolic acid.  Parchem is proud to offer an extensive product catalog of over 100 solvents  for dozens of industries and applications. 

We pride ourselves on being proactive resourcing specialists who have built a worldwide reputation as a vital link in the supply chain.  More businesses choose Parchem because we excel at sourcing difficult-to-find materials and providing them to our customers accurately, on time, and on budget.

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