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Parchem - fine & specialty chemicals Supplies Amino Acids such as Glycine

Feb 19, 2013

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Glycine molecular structureParchem – fine & specialty chemicals supplies a wide variety of specialty amino acids and basic protein building blocks such as glycine.  Glycine [CAS 56-40-6] is one of the simplest amino acids and is used as a starting point for the preparation of more complex amino acids and protein chains.  Glycine, also known as aminoethanoic acid or aminoacetic acid, is an organic compound that is versatile in the amino acid chemical family because it operates in both hydrophilic and hydrophobic environments.  It is one of the smallest amino acids and contains only a single hydrogen atom in its side chain. 

As a multi-functional amino acid, glycine is used in a number of ways.  In its natural state glycine is a colorless crystalline solid with a sweet taste, but at the molecular level, glycine is unique because it is achiral (meaning that it is symmetrical along one of its axes).  Chiral molecules typically have a “left-handed” and a “right-handed” version of themselves, and each version will only perform specific functions.  However, glycine’s achiral nature makes it versatile as a building block for protein synthesis in both oil and water environments. 

Glycine is industrially manufactured by treating chloroacetic acid with ammonia; approximately 15 million kgs are produced this way each year.  Synthetically produced glycine is used by the biochemical industry as a chemical intermediate for downstream glycine derivatives and protein products.  Glycine is also used as an additive in various pharmaceuticals products. The body produces glycine naturally by extracting it from protein-rich foods like meat and fish, but supplemental glycine is sometimes used in medicine and pharmaceuticals.

Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals has been a trusted supplier of amino acids such as glycine for over 20 years.

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