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Parchem and PHARMCO-AAPER - New Strategic Alliance

Jul 10, 2013


Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals, the leading global supplier of fine & specialty chemicals, is pleased to announce a newly formed strategic alliance with PHARMCO-AAPER, the leading manufacturer and supplier of the most extensive lines of pure and denatured ethanol products in the world.  The partnership creates a win-win for both companies, which underscores each entity’s expertise- Parchem as a leading global supplier and PHARMCO-AAPER as a leading manufacturer that is realigning their sales focus from direct-sales to industry specific distributor-partners. The synergy of the two company’s industry focus is parallel; both are invested in the rapidly growing demand for high quality products in Pharmaceuticals, Pet Care and the Flavor and Fragrance industries.

Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals CEO, Ephraim Rabin, said: “We are excited about the new partnership with PHARMCO.  It will not only strengthen the two company’s presence in the target markets, but will demonstrate how these types of alliances are critical to the supply chain management model.  Leveraging a company’s expertise during times of expansion will result in streamlined, efficient, and innovative results.”  This partnership will help further expand Parchem’s reach to fuel growth in target markets. A critical piece of this strategic alliance will be the growth of our Pharmaceutical, Pet Care and Flavor and Fragrance markets. Parchem’s growth trajectory, specifically within the Pharmaceutical industry, has been tremendous. Now with the alliance, Parchem’s more expansive portfolio affords greater opportunities to new and existing customers.

PHARMCO-AAPER’s President & General Manager, Paul DiMarco, said: “Parchem’s long-standing reputation for excellence as a chemical supplier is ideal. PHARMCO is shifting away from direct-sales to industry specific distributor-partners in order to focus more resources on manufacturing, which is why we wanted to partner with a leading global supplier such as Parchem.” This partnership will enable both companies to leverage their strengths in order to accelerate growth in specific markets. The partnership between PHARMCO and Parchem will streamline effectiveness and offer target audiences a more fluid, innovative, and cost effective way of doing business. “This newly formed strategic alliance is a timely and logical step for the continued growth of both companies.”

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