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Parchem Supplies Dibasic Esters

May 09, 2014

Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals is the premier supplier of dibasic esters to the paints & coatings and industrial markets. Parchem’s dibasic ester mixture is a blend of several dicarboxylic acid esters which contains 55-65% dimethyl glutarate (CAS 1119-40-0).

Dibasic esters from Parchem have a wide range of applications in the paints, coatings, resins, lubricants, solvents, and adhesives industries. Additionally, dibasic esters are sometimes utilized in specialty applications including the manufacture of products for soil stabilization, oilfield drilling fluids, and crop protection formulations.

As a leading supplier of dibasic esters to the global marketplace, Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals is committed to providing the highest quality of raw materials and services accurately, on-time, and on-budget.

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