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Parchem Supplies Benzododecinium Bromide

Jul 22, 2013

by Jessica Howard

Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals is a leading supplier of benzododecinium bromide and other quanternary ammonium compounds.  Benzododecinium bromide is a quaternary ammonium compound that is used in antiseptic and disinfectant applications.   Structurally, it is similar to a number of cationic surfactants used for mixing oil and water-based products together.  Parchem supplies benzodoecinium bromide as a white crystalline powder in a variety of different pack sizes. 

Benzododecinium bromide is used most often in disinfectant and antiseptic applications.  It is mostly used to combat the effects of gram-positive bacteria in water systems, but is occasionally used against certain gram-negative bacteria as well.  Benzododecinium bromide is also used as an active ingredient in certain pharmaceutical products as an active ingredient.  Given the fact  benzododecinium bromide is a cationic salt, it is sometimes compounded with chloride instead of bromide to form the compound benzododecinium chloride, which Parchem also supplies.

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of products and services. At Parchem, our core values of performance, commitment, and passion are the keys to our continued growth and success – it is our mission to supply our customers with the highest quality raw materials and services accurately, on time and on budget.  For over 20 years, Parchem has been supplying high quality chemical raw materials to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, nutrition, personal care, and specialty chemical markets.  We specialize in supplying difficult-to-find raw materials to our customers. 

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