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Parchem Stocks N-Aminoethylpiperazine AEP in US

Aug 17, 2012

N-AmionethyolpiperazineParchem – fine & specialty chemicals is proud to announce that we will be keeping stock of N-Amionethyolpiperazine (AEP) in our US warehouses.

In 2008–2009, AEP supplied by Parchem was a popular component in corrosion inhibitors, adhesives, epoxies, surface activators and asphalt additives. When the shortage began in 2009, this highly-favored component of a wide range of coatings suddenly became an expensive specialty item. It then became necessary to phase out AEP from many formulations in order to stay competitive during the economic downturn.

N-AmionethyolpiperazineIn 2011, Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals announced the re-introduction of AEP to the American specialty chemicals market. With highly competitive pricing in the face of short supply, Parchem is now the premier source for the American market.

This once-popular product has long been favored in the production of countless industrial materials, and Parchem is proud to maintain n-aminoethylpiperazine (AEP) as a member of its active product line. Parchem is keeping stock of this material available in our warehouses all over the US; contact Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals for a quote on AEP today!

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