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Parchem Special: Propionaldehyde!

Apr 12, 2013

Propionaldehyde Molecular StructurePropionaldehyde [CAS: 123-38-6] is currently the Spotlight Special at Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals!  Propionaldehyde is a colorless liquid with a strong malty aroma that is used in a myriad of industrial and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.  Parchem is a leading supplier of propionaldehyde to the coatings industry where it is commonly utilized as a precursor in the production of specialty alkyd resins.  In laboratory and pharmaceutical synthesis, propionaldehyde from Parchem is a key reagent that is commonly preferred as source of aldehyde functionality.

Parchem supplies high quality propionaldehyde to the pharmaceutical and industrial chemical markets.  We specialize in providing difficult-to-find chemicals and raw materials – contact us today to get a quote on propionaldehyde!


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