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Parchem: Responsible suppliers of dipropylamine!

Feb 14, 2019

by Jessica Howard

Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals has over two decades of service as a chemical supplier and proactive resourcing specialist company. As a member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD), we pride ourselves on our continual and strict adherence to the industry association principles of Responsible Distribution ProcessSM, in the safe handling of hazardous materials, with regard for environmental and human safety and health. Parchem has successfully distributed chemicals used in many important industrial processes and products, including dipropylamine, to companies globally, at all levels of the supply chain.

Dipropylamine [ CAS 142-84-7 ], also known as Di-n-propylamine, is an organic chemical in the form of a colorless liquid with an amine or ammonia-like odor.  Dipropylamine is an organic compound used as in intermediate in the production of agricultural chemicals such as crop protection agents, herbicides, as well as pharmaceuticals. It is applied in adhesives
and sealants
, fuels and related products, and in water treatment. This material is highly flammable and must be handled with strict adherence to hazardous material safety standards.

Parchem supplies dipropylamine in bulk, packaged in drums. We have warehouses strategically located across the US that are equipped to handle various packing groups ranging from minimum orders to bulk quantities including both DEA list I and II items. We can deliver both hazardous and non-hazardous material in any configuration or delivery method. Parchem is also certified to handle organic and kosher food ingredients and can provide cool and cold storage. Your order is tracked from the time the product leaves the plant until it is delivered to your facility. We offer Saturday deliveries, next day trucking, and just-in-time delivery.

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