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Parchem: Premier Supplier of Itaconic Acid

Jan 15, 2013

by Jessica Howard

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Itaconic AcidParchem – fine & specialty chemicals is a leading supplier of organic compounds and intermediates such as itaconic acid.  Itaconic acid [CAS 97-65-4] is an organic chemical intermediate that is extremely useful in the production of numerous synthetic materials such as rubbers, latexes, adhesives, dispersants, coatings, and much more.  Parchem supplies itaconic acid monomer in its natural state as a white crystalline powder that is stable at room temperature, making it easy to utilize in chemical feedstocks. 

Itaconic acid supplied by Parchem is commonly used as a chemical intermediate for the manufacture of various itaconic acid derivatives and copolymers.  Itaconic acid is extremely useful as an organic intermediate because its chemical structure offers dual-carboxyl functionality and it can readily be polymerized under the right conditions (under the influence of radical polymerization catalysts or by polyitaconic hydrolysis). 

Itaconic acid monomer is typically produced by fermentation of simple carbohydrates such as glucose.  As opposed to producing itaconic acid through laboratory or industrial synthesis, the fermentation process is much greener and tends to generate less waste than the traditional methods.  This fermentation process is followed by an isolation step where the itaconic acid is separated and refined into a usable form.

Itaconic acid polymers and copolymers (also known as polyitaconic acids) are mostly used to make products in the paper and coatings industries, but they also have value in industrial drilling and lubricant applications.  In drilling fluids especially, itaconic acid plays an important role in stabilizing the drilling mud.  It is typically added for fluid control, as an antiscaling agent, and it can even be compounded with (meth)acrylic acids to reduce fluid loss and enhance the properties of the drilling mud. 

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