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Parchem Offers Hepytyl Butyrate!

Aug 14, 2018


Many associate pesticides with harmful environmental and health effects (and rightfully so!). However, Heptyl Butyrate is a pesticide that separates itself from the rest as it is a natural pesticide that provides all the pest defense without any harmful effects. The pesticide is used against yellow-jackets and wasps. The compound does not directly kill any yellow-jackets and wasps. Instead, it lures the yellow-jackets and wasps into a trap, which they are unable to exit.

Heptyl Butyrate is a natural pesticide used against various species of yellow-jackets and wasps. It is found in apples and plums and is food grade. This compound is very safe, and the only reported risk to human health is eye irritation should the chemical enter the eye. Since this compound is an attractant, it needs to be used with a trap. This pesticide is an organic compound with the common CAS number of 5870-93-9 .The product’s chemical formula is C11H22O2. It has the appearance of a colorless liquid.  The molecular weight of Heptyl Butyrate is 186.295 g/mol.

Contact our experienced technical marketing specialists for availability and pricing. Our specialty chemicals sourcing experts can secure Heptyl Butyrate in the pack size of your preference, ensuring its safe route down the supply chain accurately, on time and on budget to any area of the globe.

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