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Parchem - Licensed Distributor of DEA List I & II Chemicals

Sep 16, 2013

Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals is now a licensed importer and distributor of DEA regulated chemicals on Lists I and II of the DEA Chemical Diversion Act.   Many specialty chemicals are regulated by the DEA and have valid applications in the processing of adhesives, coatings, pharmaceuticals, performance chemicals, and much more.   

As a leading global supplier of high quality raw materials and specialty chemicals, our commitment to safety and security is top priority. Parchem takes pride in being an ISO 9001 and NACD Responsible Distribution® certified company. Our team of regulatory and logistics experts works closely with the DEA to ensure that Parchem is responsibly supplying DEA List I & II regulated chemicals to the chemical industry’s leading manufacturers and end users.

Parchem is your most reliable resourcing partner for difficult-to-find raw materials and specialty chemicals.

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