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Parchem - Leading Supplier of Performance Chemicals

Jun 06, 2013

Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals is a leading supplier of high-end performance chemicals to the plastics, resins, adhesives, lubricants, and oil drilling industries.  We offer hundreds of specialty performance chemicals and raw materials used to make high quality finished goods in today’s global marketplace.  Parchem works with leading industry manufacturers to bring you the best selection of performance chemicals in order to consistently meet the needs of your business.

Parchem’s plastic additives include simple monounsaturated hydrocarbons such as octadecene and pentene as well as more complex hydrocarbons such as 2,4,4-trimethyl-1-pentene.  We also offer a range of triazoles and other nitrogen-based plastic additives used in the production of downstream plastic compounds.  Parchem’s performance chemicals include both organic and inorganic compounds such as benzene and toluene derivatives as well as specialty potassium and sodium salt complexes.

Parchem offers a diverse product catalog of performance chemicals to the drilling and fracking industries of the world.  We supply polar and nonpolar solvents, viscosity modifiers, pH buffers, and completion fluid ingredients.  We also offer a wide range of chemical intermediates such as phosphates, sulfates, acrylics, and ammonium compounds to manufacturers of specialty drilling and completion fluids.  Parchem’s ability to source difficult-to-find materials and deliver them to our customers accurately, on-time, and on-budget is what sets us apart as a global leader in chemical distribution.  

Parchem’s performance chemicals are used in the production of specialty adhesives, coatings, and resins.  Our specialty chemicals division offers a wide range of acrylate derivatives and intermediates including simple raw materials like acrylic acid and more complex performance chemicals such as pentachlorophenyl acrylate.  We also offer a number of curing and crosslinking agents for use in the manufacture of specialty coatings, plastics, epoxy resins, and laminates.

Parchem specializes in supplying high-end performance chemicals and specialty raw materials to the coatings, lubricants, adhesives, plastics, and drilling industries of the world.  As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, our commitment to quality has been the hallmark of our success for over 20 years. 

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