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Parchem Leadership Attends NACD ChemEdge 2013!

Aug 20, 2013

Patti Turcan, General Manager of Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals, will be attending NACD’s annual ChemEdge conference from August 20 – 22.  Parchem was a sponsor of this year’s golf tournament as well.  ChemEdge, formerly known as OPSEM, is a conference tailored for chemical distributors, manufacturers, warehouses and service companies.  It provides training and programs to educate chemical industry leaders on best practices, regulatory compliance, environmental, health & safety, and much more. 

As a former chair of the NACD OPSEM Event Committee, Patti Turcan stated that she “looks forward to this event every year.   The regulatory climate of today’s chemical marketplace changes very rapidly, and having the expertise of an organization like NACD is all but essential to the success of chemical companies all over the US.”

Parchem is a long-time member of NACD and a proud sponsor of ChemEdge 2013.

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