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Parchem Highlights Butanol

Apr 05, 2017

by Anna Corrigan

Parchem offers an ever expanding selection of specialty
chemicals products sourced through the highest quality supply chains. At
Parchem, it is in our nature to consistently deliver on our promise of
performance, commitment, and passion when providing specialty chemicals to our
customers. Consistent with our effort to supply a wide range of products, we
are excited to highlight Butanol!

Butanol [CAS# 71-36-3], commonly known as n-butanol,
1-butanol, and butyl alcohol, is a colorless liquid with a scent similar to
that of alcohol. It has a four carbon structure and a butyl or isobutyl group
connected with a hydroxyl group. Classified as both an industrial chemical and
a green chemical, Butanol has applications across several industries. Butanol
is used in the manufacture of textiles as a swelling agent as well as in
cleaners and floor polishes. It is also used in floor polishes, cosmetics,
drugs, hormones, and vitamins. Butanol is included in reactions for the
production of 2-butyoxyethanol as well as butyl acrylate and butyl acetate.

With years of experience in the pharmaceutical, personal
care, nutrition, agrochemical, and flavor & fragrance industries, Parchem
provides trusted service to customers home and abroad. When you work with
Parchem, you can be confident that your order will be handled carefully with
all requirements filled efficiently. Our seamless distribution process is
created by our added personal touch, quick turnaround, and complete follow up that
Parchem customers have come to expect.

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