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Parchem Goes Green!

Oct 03, 2013

Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals is a leading global supplier of high quality green chemicals and natural raw materials for the personal care, food, and performance chemical markets.   In the coming months, Parchem will be featuring naturally-derived cosmetic products such as jojoba oil.  Additionally, green solvents such as butyl stearate and dibutyl sebacate will be available for shipment from our network of strategically located warehouses across the US. Parchem is also a leading supplier of eco-friendly raw materials such as stearic acid and soybean oil fatty acids.  All of these green chemical products are used in a variety of cosmetics, food products, and industrial materials as green alternatives to harsh, hazardous chemicals. 

Parchem is committed to reducing our environmental impact by supplying eco-friendly chemical alternatives to manufacturers and end users all over the world.  We are the premier supplier of high quality green chemistry products; contact Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals today for a quick quote!


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