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Parchem Features Para-Amino Phenol!

Mar 25, 2020

by Jessica Howard

At Parchem, our core values are performance, commitment, and passion in supplying specialty chemicals for  manufacturing and distribution. We provide comprehensive, expert service in the supply and distribution of many wide-use, specialty chemicals including para-amino phenol.

Para-amino phenol [ CAS 123-30-8 ], has several synonyms; among them are 4-aminophenol, 4-Amino-1-hydroxybenzene, 4-hydroxyaniline, and p-hydroxyaniline phenol. This chemical is an essential intermediate in the manufacturing of industrial and commercial products. Often used in food colorantscosmetics and dyespara-amino phenol also has far-reaching applications in pharmaceuticals. It is used to manufacture drugs such as paracetamol, as well as clofibrate ketone, vitamin B1 and the compound nicotinamide. It can also be used as a developer, antioxidant, and reagent.  Para-amino phenol has further industrial applications as an anti-corrosive and reducing agent.

Para-amino phenol is hazardous and requires strict adherence to safety standards in packaging and transport. As an ISO:9001 certified organization and member of the NACD, Parchem’s team of specialty chemicals sourcing experts are equipped to provide para-amino phenol in your preferred pack size for secure, global shipment, in strict accordance with federal and international regulatory agency standards.

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