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Parchem – your source for butyl 2-naphthyl ether!

Apr 04, 2018

by Jessica Howard

How does strawberry candy get its flavor?  Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals is a premier specialty chemical supplier of flavor and fragrance chemical compounds—the essential ingredients that give many food, perfume, cosmetics and skincare products their recognizably pleasurable taste and smell. 

Butyl 2-naphthyl ether has a CAS number of 10484-56-7 and is also known as 2-butoxynaphthalene, butyl beta-naphthyl ether, beta-naphthol butyl ether, and naphthalene. This substance is a white crystalline powder that is soluble in alcohol and has a sweet, fruity smell, reminiscent of berries or flowers.

But is it safe? FEMA testing shows butyl 2-naphthyl ether to be a generally recognized-as-safe (GRAS) substance, and the World Health Organization (WHO) states there is no safety concern at the miniscule level needed to produce the distinguishing berry flavor in candies, frozen treats and beverages.

There are many additional flavor substances available at Parchemwith which butyl 2-naphthyl ether can be combined to create a unique, marketable taste and scent. Contact our experienced technical marketing specialists for availability and pricing. Our specialty chemicals sourcing experts can secure butyl 2-naphthyl ether in the pack size of your preference, ensuring its safe route down the supply chain accurately, on time and on budget to any area of the globe. 

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