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Minoxidil, USP is Supplied by Parchem!

May 16, 2017

by Anna Corrigan

At Parchem, we proudly distribute the materials that are
required for the wide range of our customers’ production processes. We
understand that each production process is unique, which is why we provide
custom services and chemical knowledge tailored to each customer specifically.
With Parchem, you can look forward to receiving the operational benefits of
working with an international company paired with the customer service and
reliable follow up of a small business.

We are excited to highlight Minoxidil, USP [CAS# 38304-91-5]
- a medicinal product finding its applications in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical,
and personal care industries. Most often used for the treatment of hair loss,
Minoxidil affects potassium channels by facilitating ion transmission through
them. It facilitates the flow of nutrients to the hair follicles, and moves
them into their active growth phase, causing hair to grow. The use of Minoxidil
in the treatment of androgenic alopecia is frequently employed due to its noted

Additionally, Minoxidil is a known antihypertensive and
vasodilator agent. It has been employed to reduce blood pressure in certain
cases and has proven successful. However, side effects have been recorded and
Minoxidil has most often been administered in conjunction with other drugs.

At Parchem, we place emphasis on the importance of each step
of the distribution process. From sourcing, to supply chain logistics, to
customer service, and the technical know-how in between, Parchem is a trusted
industry leader. We will be the strongest link in your supply chain and help
you to get the products you need accurately, on time, and on budget. Contact
Parchem today for more information on Minoxidil, USP!

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