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Mahlstedt Building Home of Parchem

Feb 06, 2012

The J.A. Mahlstedt Lumber and Coal building is home to Parchem – fine & specialty chemicals.  A recent Westchester County publication, the Loop NY, acknowledged the Mahlstedt building, “the building of the week.”  Below is a link to the article from the Loop NY, written by Polly Kreisman.  The article explains the restoration that has been done to the building and portrays the building as a historical landmark in New Rochelle. This structure was built in 1920 and was named after J. Albert Mahlstedt. 

J.A. was an active businessman and an active member of the New Rochelle community.  The first business to establish within this building was J.A. Lumber and Coal Company.  The Mahlstedt building inhabited not only a lumber company, but a United States Postal office, the United Water Company and the Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank.  “J.A. Mahlstedt Lumber and Coal Company” is still etched on the top of the building. Restorations are presently being done to the building which was inspired by the original façade of the 1920 structure.


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